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Building Stable Futures
With Amegreen Children's Services

Our alternative provision offers equine, outdoor learning, therapy and alternative education packages 

We provide a safe and therapeutic space for children to recover from difficult, and often traumatic life experiences. A space where they are able to process emotions, rebuild their view of the world and make connections to others.


We have Equine Assisted Learning, Therapy, and Outdoor Learning packages which incorporate all three, however packages are bespoke and accommodate individual needs according to the young person.

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Taking Learning Outside

We provide Outdoor Learning and Therapeutic Horsemanship
for Children between 5 and 18

The Equine Assisted Learning approach is experiential and can be short or long term. Participants learn about themselves and others by participating in activities with the horses and then processing feelings, behaviours, and recurring patterns.


It offers us a powerful and effective therapeutic approach to use with children who may be resistant to verbal therapies. There are particularly positive impacts on trauma-generated emotional and behavioural issues.​

Please look at our "What we do" page to see our Outdoor Learning and Therapy packages. Our services are bespoke so contact us to discuss your referral and we will tailor a package to the child's needs.

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Providing Outdoor Learning, Therapy
& Equine Packages

About us:

We provide 3 sites.....


The Stables: 

Stables with thirteen horses as well as pygmy goats, sheep, rescue hens and not forgetting the guinea pigs! 

The Paddocks:

providing Forest school with accredited bushcraft leader.

Children who access our services are able to work with the animals, plan their next steps in the natural environment, safe and without judgement.

We can consider referrals from:

  • All Schools

  • Pupil Referral Units


  • Community and Youth Work Services

  • Children and Young People at Risk of Criminal and Sexual Exploitation

  • Addiction/Drug Misuse

  • Young Carers

  • Children and Young People effected by Domestic Abuse

  • Local Authorities 

Our Service is not exclusive to Children, we can take post 16 referrals

We work at each child's own pace... and sometimes that means simply providing
the space for them to breathe and just be in the company of the animals

Our packages are tailored to each child’s needs, so aims and objectives differ for each child. Below are some of our objectives with the ultimate aim for children to have a space to feel safe, process their emotions and re-build their view of the world in a positive and healthy way.


  • To deliver bespoke programmes which support each child to have opportunities to progress, learn and reflect

  • To provide each child with the opportunity to learn new independence skills which will be helpful in their personal life

  • To create a safe space for children to learn and to explore their thoughts and feelings without judgement

  • To support children to transition into full time education placements with a level of confidence and self-belief

  • To support children to develop their social, emotional, and interpersonal skills

  • To support children to begin to develop positive relationships with others and with themselves

  • To support children to manage their emotions in a healthy and positive way

  • To plan sessions with a tailored approach, to discuss with the referrer, and with the child as their views, wishes and feelings remain a priority

  • To ensure children and young people feel accepted and un-judged throughout all sessions

  • To provide learning activities which are engaging and fun

  • To support children to realise their ambitions and their potential

  • To provide consistent, reliable, and skilled staff members to support the young people in their journey through Outdoor Learning

When the children are able to, we help them understand and develop their sense of identity, develop the skills they will need to problem solve and plan for the future, and explore the impact their early experience has had on them.


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