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Taking Learning Outside

Our goal is to provide a non-clinical, accessible, safe and
reparative space where children feel held and understood.

Once trust is built, we will help children explore, learn, grow and ultimately thrive emotionally.
Rebuilding sense of self and a stable future for themselves and their relationships.

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Our Bespoke Packages:

We take the time it takes.

Stable Futures offers bespoke Outdoor Learning and therapy programs for children who are struggling to get into full-time education for a variety of reasons.

Across our 32 acre farm, we have 13 beautiful horses, as well as pygmy goats, sheep, rescue hens and guinea pigs. We have a purpose built Outdoor Learning centre and a variety of skilled therapists who work alongside our Learning professionals by first supporting the young people with their social, emotional, and mental health needs.

We have recognised that children are often not ready for full-time education because of their deep-rooted trauma. Our mix of therapy alongside learning activities, outdoor learning and life skills supports children to begin to understand their feelings.
Allowing empathy to grow, confidence to grow and allowing the children to have new, positive experiences which help them realise their full potential.

Our learning plans incorporate the following:

  • Time with the horses and therapists

  • Life skills

  • Independence skills

  • Functional Skills 

  • Woodland School

  • Vocational ASDAN and AQA certificates

  • Art 

  • Cookery

  • Animal Care

  • Activities to build confidence and self-esteem

  • Horticulture

  • Hands on outside activities

  • If your child is interested in a particular subject, we will incorporate it into lesson plans

We support children to transition into further education and learning and liaise with their referrers to ensure a bespoke and tailored package is available to them, this creates the best results and young people are able to thrive.

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